Isabel began weaving at the age of 14, and at just 26-years-old, she had grown into a very talented weaver. She lives with her parents, her two brothers and two sisters in Teotítlan del Valle, and the entire family weaves.

Isabel says that weaving is the most important thing to her, her life's passion. Dyeing and washing the yarn .. she could live without! But weaving is her "soul."

Isabel typically handles the entire production of her orders from Manos Zapotecas. When Isabel is swamped with work from MZ, her brother Epigmenio and her sister Vicki help her out. She is also a part of a women's weaving cooperative called Huizache, which has a shop in the capital city of Oaxaca. Isabel is currently serving as HR Advisor on the board of directors.  

What she most likes about working with MZ, apart from weaving, is learning how to collaborate and create new designs with Samantha, the MZ Product Design Director. She loves to see the final product before it is shipped off to the states!

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