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Who makes your clothes?


Today, April 24, is Fashion Revolution Day.

The call to action is to raise awareness about the societal and ecological catastrophes that are caused in the name of fashion – and change it. Fashion is powerful. It has the power to express and inspire, the power to fuel economies and create jobs. And now we need to reclaim that power and use it for good.

So-called “fast fashion” is wreaking havoc on the bottom of the supply chain. The demand for cheap, disposable clothes that aren’t meant to last past a season have led to low wages for workers and appalling living and working conditions. It was this lack of oversight that led to the deadly collapse of the factory in Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh one year ago that killed 1133 workers and injured 2500 more.

To incite positive change at the bottom of the supply chain, the action needs to start from the top, with the consumer. We need to vote with our dollar, and make informed purchases.

Who made your clothes?

Posing this questions to the brands from which you buy could lead to a global cry for responsible manufacturing.

Start today. Use your social media channels to send your brand a photo or video of yourself with your clothes inside out asking “Who made your clothes” with #insideout and @Fash_Rev

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