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Some of our favorite personalities …

When my mom was last visiting me in Oaxaca, she purchased a coat stand for me. I had no use for a coat stand, so it naturally became a place to hang my handbags. Located next to my door, it is my last stop on the way out of the house. This past Saturday night, on my way out the door I took a moment to decide, which purse would be accompanying me for the night. My transportation was a bike, I was meeting people for dinner and then we were going to the inauguration of a film festival, which included a press conference, a viewing of a few selected short films, and of course a party. All of these activities were taking place in different locations. While I stood there contemplating my choices, I thought about how a persons’ choice in purses can tell you about them and their activities for the day, or that perhaps, it was the bag itself, that had the personality. After all, they all have names.

The weavers we work with often tell us that they express their mood and style through the design and colors of each tapete, th woven cloth that we use to craft the bags. So what are some of the personalities of our MZ bags, and how does that tie into that of our customers and the women that weave them?


Perfect for a professional on the move, whether meeting new clients for lunch, or working from a café it can carry what you need. The Alis the perfect size to tote around your computer, files, and a planner. You have things to do and places to be and people to see, and you need a durable bag that keeps up with you and your style.

Personality: Organized, focused and creative.

Mood: Motivated, determined, and ready for the next task at hand.

Alis ‘Four Diamonds’ Shoulder Bag

c0d114b87266f8f4ceadb19f867f368f.image.440x440 Adelita

No better bag for a night out with your girlfriends. It can accompany you from happy hour to dinner to a nightclub. It provides just enough space for the minimum: credit card, cash, lipstick, and cell phone. Plus it can be worn at length off the shoulder, and then switched to a crossbody when you are ready to hit the dance floor.

Personality: Fun, adventurous, and out-going.

Mood: Happy, ready to dance, and energetic.

Adelita ‘Jagged Diamonds’ Crossbody Purse

7a727e46f0c7f1f1d4c920f571b45df1.image.440x439 Luisa

She can accompany you on a lazy Sunday, spent puttering around on your bike from brunch to the latest art exhibit to a movie. Big enough to fit a light covering, wallet, and sunglasses, but doesn’t get in the way.

Personality: Contemplative, honest, and kind.

Mood: Relaxed and blissful.

Luisa ‘Bright Arrow on Yellow’ Cross Body Purse


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